Dental Fillings Make Your Teeth Strong And Healthy Again
By Sean R. Bates, DDS & Associates
September 25, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: Dental Fillings   Cavities  

Healthy Teeth CyclePoor dental maintenance allows bad bacteria to flourish in the mouth, eventually leading to aggressive dental disease. The first stage of dental disease is a cavity, which is a small hole in the outer enamel that contains decayed matter. The treatment for this problem is a cavity filling. Find out how getting a dental filling added by Dr. Sean Bates, a dentist serving the Sarasota, FL, community, can make your teeth strong and healthy again after tooth decay.

What Causes Cavities?
As strong as your natural tooth enamel is, it can be compromised by harmful bacteria that lives and multiplies in your mouth. That bacteria mixes with sugar and food particles left over after you eat to form a dental film that wears at the enamel. Some people are more prone to cavities because of the types of bacteria present in their mouths, and certain bacteria can be passed on from a parent to a child by sharing utensils. A cavity only lies on the surface layer of the enamel, so it can be easily cleaned and filled by your dentist.

How Fillings Make Your Teeth Strong and Healthy
A dental filling is the best way to deal with a cavity. It will prevent further decay, which can reach the soft tissue inside of the affected tooth. Inner tooth decay is very painful and could lead to tooth loss. At your dental filling appointment with your Sarasota, FL, dentist, the filling material is carefully smeared onto the tooth after all traces of decay is cleared away, then the material is hardened in place. 

Which Dental Filling Is Right for You?
Amalgam (silver) dental fillings have been the standard for many years because they provide the most durability. But many patients are also concerned about how their teeth will look after a cavity filling. For this reason, many patients opt for tooth-colored fillings, which are also resilient and durable as long as you keep your teeth as clean as possible and avoid sticky, sugar-filled foods.

Preserve Your Strong and Healthy Smile
A dental filling could save your tooth, strengthen your smile, and extend your good oral health. Call (941) 966-4751 today to schedule a dentist appointment with Dr. Sean Bates at his office in Sarasota, FL.